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Welcome to the new Indie Accords blog! You may be wondering why there’s already so many blog posts and reviews featured on the site, as this is our ‘new’ blog, so allow us to explain.

Once upon a time, two indie fantasy authors – Nils Odlund and Trudie Skies – came together to start an indie book blog dedicated to fantasy indie and self-published authors. We named our adventure the Uncharted Library, and together we published many reviews, interviews, and spotlights covering indie books as well as indie video games.

But we wanted to do more for indie and self-published authors.

That’s when we came across the Indie Accords. Originally created as a month-long readathon in 2020 by Lana of Lore & Lullabies, the Indie Accords fast became an amazing community of indie loving readers and authors alike. Both Nils and Trudie fell in love with the community and their need to get people to read more indie and self-published books. In late 2022, we proposed a partnership to combine our blog and community into one big website and community under the Indie Accords banner with one goal in mind – to keep promoting indie and self-published authors!

Whether you’re part of the Indie Accords community, or have followed Uncharted Library, we hope you’ll join us on this new journey of amazing indie books. We’re passionate about all things indie and will keep on doing what we do best!

Feel free to join our Discord Server, home to a thriving community of indie authors and fans, and say hello! You can also follow us on Twitter at @IndieAccords

Welcome to Indie Accords!

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