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The second annual WriteHive convention is only weeks away, so now’s your chance to get involved with this amazing FREE online event!

WriteHive pride themselves on providing a supportive, inclusive, and diverse space within the writing and book publishing community. They are a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide free events for the writing community, from workshops to sponsored artist programs, and they’re becoming one of the fastest growing conferences in the literary world.

The WriteHive 2021 conference is a three-day con starting April 16 and is packed with amazing panels, workshops, and presentations covering a wide variety of topics which are relevant to today’s publishing marketplace. These panels are hosted by professionals in both traditional and indie publishing, so there’s something for everyone!

To get involved, register for your free ticket on the official website so you don’t miss any of the panels. There, you’ll find a detailed schedule of what’s happening and when. You won’t want to miss out on this!

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