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As part of Self-Published Fantasy Month 2021, we at the Uncharted Library are hosting a series of spotlights to showcase the incredible talent of self-published fantasy authors! We’re coming at you today with an incredibly fun monster book: Level Up, Kaiju!: A LitRPG Adventure by Tracy Gregory. If you’re a fan of the gamelit or litRPG genre, then you’ll want to check out Tracy Gregory’s books.

Self-Published Fantasy Month is a month-long celebration highlighting the best of what the self-published fantasy community has to offer. To find out more and get involved, visit their official website at, check them out on Twitter @SelfPubFanMonth, or join The Guild, their Discord Server.

Giant monsters are attacking, and no city is safe!

When Drakon, king of the Kaiju, attacked his home, Eric’s life changed forever. With buildings crumbling around him and giant monsters battling for dominance, he thought he was a dead man. Saved by the sacrifice of another, Eric inherits a rare and powerful gift—the ability to transform into a Kaiju.

Bonded with an AI control system and pressed into working for the United Nations, Eric stands as one of humanity’s last defenders against the Kaiju threat. First, he’ll need to grow in both power and stature if he wants to protect the Earth, defeating Kaiju and absorbing their skills and abilities. Power is not without cost, and the Kaiju he vanquishes linger as ghosts in his mind, each eager to take control of Eric’s body.

Not everyone has mankind’s best interests at heart, and Eric will need to uncover secrets behind his strange new life if he’s to survive. He’ll need every level and fantastical power he can get if he’s going to take on Drakon and cling onto his humanity.

Level Up, Kaiju! was published on 3rd September 2021 at 238 pages.

About the Author

Living in South Wales, Tracy Gregory is an author of Gamelit and LitRPG novels. A huge fan of video games, Tracy likes to put his own spin on his favourite genres.

Tracy can be contacted through his publisher’s website

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