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Welcome to our new Saturday Spotlight feature where we at the Uncharted Library will be hosting a new spotlight every Saturday to showcase the incredible talent of self-published fantasy authors!

Our next spotlight is with Alex Raizman and the first of his Dinosaur Dungeon LitRPG series, Wrath: A LitRPG Dungeon Core Adventure!

When dungeon delvers and dinosaurs clash, who can survive?

Newborn Dungeon Cores must choose what entity they help contain, and that choice determines what monsters they are able to summon. After being executed for crimes forgotten in death, Tira is given the chance to make that choice. Tira chose Acekorah, the Primeval Terror, a being so dangerous few cores will risk trying to contain it.The danger wasn’t important.

Tira remembers dying. If containing Acekorah means Tira will face greater danger, that’s a risk worth taking, because the Primeval Terror walked the world long before the races of Man roamed the earth, and Cores bound to him are able to summon beings from beyond the veil of time.

Now, forged in the fires of Tira’s wrath, the dinosaurs will walk the world anew.

Wrath: A LitRPG Dungeon Core Adventure was published on April 19th 2021 at 481 pages.

About the Author

Alex Raizman has been a fantasy, science fiction, and horror fan since elementary school. He calls Stein, Tolkien, and Bradbury his “gateway drugs”. A voracious reader, he always planned to write a book “someday”.

Being diagnosed with cancer in 2015 inspired him to stop thinking about “someday” and start doing things now. So with the same attitude that once prompted him to tackle a speech impediment by joining his school’s competitive debate team, he decided to get serious about writing.

Three years later, Alex is cancer free and thrilled to have published multiple books in LitRPG, Urban Fantasy, and Epic Fantasy.

Alex lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with Loki, the world’s coolest cat.

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