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The Indie Accords Readathon is over but we are back and reading Indie and Self Published with – Choose Your Path quarterly reading game boards! The time is upon us. As our adventurers complete the paths that have been before, new paths for a new and perilous journey arise!

Welcome to the 2023 season of choose your path!!

This first quarter will run from the 6th of January till the 10th of April, to make up for the lateness, and I promise the 2nd quarter prompts will be announced in a timely fashion. This ‘Chose Your Path’ will be a little different. To participate:

  • Chose a hero archetype and complete that board by reading the 6 prompts
  • 1 book per prompt
  • For every board completed you will have that hero in your arsenal should one be required in any future …requirements
  • Name your hero (this isn’t a rule or compulsory. Just my brain at 2am 😅)
  • Write a review for each book on the path to be eligible for prizes (little harder this time)
  • Each board is available for the quarter before the board will change (Jan – Mar) can be carried over*
  • Complete the whole board to enter the giveaway

4 different paths for 4 different adventurers you can seek.
Complete a chosen path and rewards you can reap.

Oh and chances to enter giveaways for more incredible Indie books and merch down each. As always, this is a go-at-your-own-pace adventure with a board of prompts for each style of adventurer:

The Rules:

  1. indie/self-published book per prompt.
  2. Readers can complete one or more boards.
  3. Books cannot be used across boards within the quarter. Example: A book used for Path of the Chosen cannot be used for Path of the Fated.
  4. Prompts do not need to be completed in order.
  5. Books started in December do not count as January.
  6. Prompts can be a scene within the book, it doesn’t need to be the focus. Example: A mentor can be a scene in the book, not throughout the entire book.
  7. Boards can be used across quarters.
  8. In order to participate in the giveaways at least 1 board must be completed.

Boss Fight: Leave an Amazon review for each book read. Posting a review to any other platform (Goodreads, Storygraph, Social Media, Blog, etc.) is optional.

Submission For Boards: Once you’ve completed your board(s), be sure to submit them on the Indie Accords discord server.

Submission For Reviews: You can copy the link to your review or screen shot in Indie Accords discord server. *Don’t forget to hashtag reviewed on and the path it is. Example: #PostedOnZon and #PathOfTheChosen

Things to Note: While boards seem genre specific, so long as you find a book that fits that prompt, you can use it despite its genre.

Need Recommendations? Check out our collection!

Most importantly, have a good time, find some great reads and have fun!