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  • Author: pirateaba
  • Series: The Wandering Inn
  • Genre: Fantasy (Cozy, Epic, High)
  • Age Range: Young Adult / New Adult / Adult
  • Book Type: Ebook / Audio
  • Published: June, 2016

Series Guide:

  • Book 1: The Wandering Inn
  • Book 2: Fae and Fare
  • Book 3: Flowers of Esthelm
  • Book 4: Winter Solstice
  • Book 5: The Last Light
  • Book 6: The General of Izril
  • Book 7: Rains of Liscor
  • Book 8: Blood of Liscor
  • Book 9: Tears of Liscor
  • Book 10: The Wind Runner
  • Book 11: The Titan of Baleros

About Series:

“No killing Goblins.”

So reads the sign outside of The Wandering Inn, a small building run by a young woman named Erin Solstice. She serves pasta with sausage, blue fruit juice, and dead acid flies on request. And she comes from another world. Ours.

It’s a bad day when Erin finds herself transported to a fantastical world and nearly gets eaten by a Dragon. She doesn’t belong in a place where monster attacks are a fact of life, and where Humans are one species among many. But she must adapt to her new life. Or die.

In a dangerous world where magic is real and people can level up and gain classes, Erin Solstice must battle somewhat evil Goblins, deadly Rock Crabs, and hungry [Necromancers]. She is no warrior, no mage. Erin Solstice runs an inn.

She’s an [Innkeeper].

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