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  • Author: Douglas Lumsden
  • Series: Alexander Southerland, P.I
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy / Noir
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Book Type: Ebook / Paperback / Audio
  • Pages: 359
  • Published: November 16, 2019

About Book:

When a troll speaks–listen up!

Hardboiled P.I. Alexander Southerland just wants to enjoy a quiet drink when a 500-pound troll walks into the bar. Next thing he knows, Southerland is navigating his way through rogue cops, a gang war, beautiful nymphs from the ocean depths, a were-rat, the mayor’s corrupt fixer, the sleaziest (and cleverest) gnome in Yerba City, and creatures right out of legend. At the center of it all is a mysterious locked box. Can Southerland discover its explosive secret–and survive long enough to pay his rent on time?

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