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  • Author: Edith Pawlicki
  • Series: The Unseen #1
  • Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Book Type: Ebook / Paperback
  • Pages: 361
  • Published: March 12, 2023

About Book:

One binding destroyed her family; could another save it?

At thirty-six-years-old, history professor Aurelie is resigned to a childless existence. It’s not her age – it’s the absence of male Unseen. Her species has been so desperate to hide among humans that it is quietly dying out. Now her family is broken; eager to leave behind a painful past, Aurelie accepts a teaching position in Nara, Japan. But she’s unprepared for the future she finds…

Twenty-two-year-old Kazuki is the favored son of the Hayashi family – a clan of Unseen that has not only survived in Japan, but thrived. Though he knows hundreds of Unseen, he’s unprepared for Aurelie and the overwhelming attraction he feels for her, a biological imperative to mate.

Or perhaps a magical one… For, as Kazuki and Aurelie grow closer, the reasons for hiding become clear.

And they are hungry.

A Magical Imperative treads a delicate line between reality and fantasy, painting a detailed picture of cross-cultural romance while also adding subtle strokes of whimsy and fate. The first book of a series, it’s a sure winner for fans of atmospheric writing, intelligent fantasy, and character-driven plots.

Visit a magical Japan with A Magical Imperative today!

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