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This is a Facebook-only event.

The Facebook group Indie Fantasy Addicts just announced their new monthly reading challenge. The basic idea is that you share reviews of the books you read, and the readers who share the most reviews have a chance to win a signed book by one of the authors in the group.

The following post was shared in the group to explain the rules (edited for formatting):

Since we all had so much fun reading and sharing reviews for the IFA Summer Reading Challenge, I thought, ‘Hey! Why not reward reader reviews all year round??’

LO AND BEHOLD — I present unto you The IFA Monthly Review Challenge!


      • Post your reviews in this format: #[MONTH]ReviewChallenge #1, #2, #3 etc. (For example, your 4th book review in February would be #FEBRUARYReviewChallenge #4)
      • Every single review counts as one entry into the raffle and there are no limits for number of entries per month.
      • On the last day of the month, I will randomly select one winner who will receive a $15 Amazon gift card AND a free signed book of their choice from the graphic below.
      • Be sure to check the graphic key to make sure your chosen author ships to your region. (If they don’t, you can always request the free e-book!)

Contest starts today, February 1st! I’ll post a video at the end of the month to select our very first winner! Good luck everyone, and happy reading!

…and the prizes are:

About Indie Fantasy Addicts

Also known as IFA, Indie Fantasy Addicts is a group dedicated to reading independently published fantasy books. Any self-promotion requires moderator approval, and there’s a good amount of discussion, book reviews, and recommendations.

From the groups About page:

Break out the kegs and empty the wine cellar, let’s kick back and dive into some amazing indie fantasy adventures!

No self-promo please. The gremlins will eat those posts up!

If you’re looking for more adventures before they are even released, we also have a Fantasy ARC and Beta group:

And a group just for the amazing Authors of IFA to discuss activities for IFA, book marketing, and all other kinds of awesomeness:

For now, raise your tankard and let’s get that ale flowing! The party is just getting started!

The group also organizes a yearly Summer Reading Challenge which takes place from July to September. We will report more on that as it draws near.

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