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Support Indie Authors!

We’re out to prove that self-published and indie books are just as good if not better than traditionally published titles. Indie authors have more freedom to explore their imagination and create unique stories which aren’t handpicked by publishers. However, it can be difficult for indie authors to market their books and reach new audiences.

That’s where you come in, dear reader!

Self-published and indie authors rely on the support of their readers, fans, and book bloggers to sell books. Without readers, indies wouldn’t be able to keep writing books.

There are numerous ways you can support your favourite author, and most of them won’t cost you a penny:

Shop at Indie Stores

While many self-published authors are on Amazon, some indie bookstores sell and promote indie authors, and the best part is that indie authors love offering special editions and signed paperbacks to these stores whenever they can. Buying from these stores is a fantastic way to support indie book stores AND authors. We’ve listed a few of our favourite online indie book stores who support self-published and indie authors to get you started.

Leave a Review on Goodreads and Online Stores

One of the best ways to support a indie or self-published author is to leave them an honest review! Book reviews don’t need to be long or extravagant. Even a simple “I liked this book” is incredibly helpful for boosting an author’s book. Nor do they need to be perfect 5-star reviews, as a lot of 4 star reviews looks much better than a solitary 5 star. Anyone can leave a book review on Amazon – you don’t need to have bought the book from there. If you’re not a fan of Goodreads, then check out The StoryGraph or Indie Story Geek for an alternative.

Tell Your Friends About you Fave Authors

There’s no better marketing than word of mouth. If you discover an indie or self-published book you loved, then shout about it! Recommend it to your friends and prove you have the best taste in books. Authors love it when readers get excited and talk about their books, and it costs nothing!

Follow Your Fave Authors on Social Media

Engaging with your favourite indie authors is another great way to promote their work. If they’ve got a new release coming up or a book on sale, throw them a re-blog or re-tweet. Share their posts or drop a comment! It’s all good. Some authors may also have a Facebook group or Discord server you can join. By engaging with your fave authors, you’re more likely to free advanced copies of books, too, as indies love their readers!

Join Their Newsletter

Another way of keeping up to date with your favourite authors is to sign up to their newsletter, especially if you’re not a fan of social media. By joining their newsletter, you’ll not only stay updated on your fave indie author’s new books, but many also give away free books or novellas to their newsletter subscribers.

Preorder Their Next Book

If you’re excited for the next release of your fave indie author, then make sure you preorder it if you can. Ebooks which are preordered from online services such as Amazon Kindle are downloaded automatically on release, and by preordering a book, you’ll also be letting the author know that people are excited for their book. It’s a win win!

Premote Their Kofi or Patreon

Both Kofi and Patreon are great ways to give back to an author. A growing number of authors are using Patreon to offer additional stories and content to their readers in order to support their writing career. Kofi can also be used to give a ‘tip’ to an author by buying them a virtual coffee. Of course, you don’t need to throw money at an author to appreciate them – but you can always share your fave author’s Kofi or Patreon for others who may want to throw in a tip.