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There was a weird time in my life when I was obsessed with mining games, and I’m not just talking about Minecraft. There are some fun 2D thumb-loving mining games on mobile where the aim is to just dig down as deep as you can collecting items and upgrading, Mr Driller style. Ever since I discovered these, I’ve been searching for a fun new mining game to satisfy my hunger. And that’s how I came across UnderMine.

UnderMine by Thorium is a roguelike mining sim which combines the randomly-generated dungeon-crawling action you’d expect from roguelikes with RPG-like progression. Armed with your trusty pickaxe, you head underground to mine as much gold as you can whilst exploring the mines and uncovering its deadly secrets. Gold can be used to upgrade your skills and gear, making your next excursion somewhat easier and increasing your survival chances. Though make no mistake, you’ll be dying. A lot!

Oh, and watch out for those sneaky thieves trying to grab your hard earned gold!

What I’ll whine about:

I’m usually quite rubbish at roguelikes because they get harder and harder until I quit. I’m mainly talking about Spelunky and Rogue Legacy here! UnderMine certainly has some challenging bosses that took me a bit of gold-grinding to get past. If you love the challenge though, then this won’t bother you!

What I’ll gush about:

UnderMine is definitely an addictive game and encourages just one more run. There’s a lot of love and polish that went into this game. The pixel art is simply gorgeous, and I love the additions of mini-quests and characters you’ll find along the way that you can rescue to unlock more items in your central hub. Since each run is randomly generated, you never know how lucky or unlucky you’re going to be and what will turn up next. There’s a lot to come back to and find.

Though they may be annoying for some, I found the little blob thieves to be adorable!

Final Words

UnderMine is a great little roguelike that is more casual than the usual hardcore roguelike games on the market, but that also captures that “just one more play” feeling.

Find UnderMine on Steam and Xbox Games Pass – Coming soon to Nintendo Switch

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