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Raven’s Dagger

This is a silly book.

Wait, let me rephrase that…

This is, without a doubt, the silliest book I can remember ever reading, by such a big margin that it’s not even funny (the margin, that is – not the book, the book has its moments, and margins, too).

I wouldn’t consider myself the target audience for this book, but I’d just finished a brutally dark and soul-crushing novel, and I needed a break. Plus, it was an easy read, and I wanted to see just how silly it would get, and it was quite funny.

The story begins when Abigalil summons you, and that’s when the narration swaps over from third person to second. You’re an infinite cosmic entity of the void between space and time. Ancient beyond comprehension. You have powers and intelligence mere mortals won’t even be able to dream of. The gods of physical reality are but dust in the wind. You also like cuddles and to get head-pats, especially cuddles, and head-pats, from Abigail. Oh, and tentacles, you like tentacles a lot, because tentacles are awesome.

Abigail names you Dreamer, and since she now has a familiar, she can enter the magical school and make new friends.

Naturally, there are complications, but since you’re the best familiar, you make sure to set everything right. Silly mortals. You also like naps, and eating. After all, it’s been eons since you last had a snack and you’re a mite peckish.

What I’ll whine about

It’s all a bit much.

What I’ll gush about

It’s silly, and it’s entirely and completely unapologetic about it. This may very well be a joke, and I’m the butt of it for trying to write a (semi) serious review, but if that’s the case, then so be it. I enjoyed reading it, some of the puns made me laugh out loud, and I’m low-key impressed at just how out of whack the whole thing is.

The book is written in second person, which normally is a bit weird to read, but in this case, it just highlights the absurdity of it all.

Final Words

Cutesy, cuddly, Cthulhu comedy.

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