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By Isa Medina

The Institute is in trouble, and I’m the only one free to do something about it.

For now.

With the walls closing in on all sides, it’s up to me to solve the mystery of the Institute’s “curse” and find out who’s behind it.

I have little time, few resources, and no allies willing to help unless I give them part of my soul. No problem. Like they say, Hell hath no fury like an artifact hunter trying to keep her job.

Hah. Just kidding. Good luck to us all.

Fixing Fae Problems is the fourth and final entry to Isa Medina’s Magical Artifacts Institute quartet, which has left me feeling quite bereft. I’ve had a fun time journeying with Isa Medina’s characters of ditzy artifact hunter Maddie Dover and her grumpy love interest, the Institute director. As I’ve stated in previous reviews of this series, what I absolutely adored about these novellas was how much they reminded of The Mummy films; of lighthearted treasure hunting and magical shenanigans that didn’t need to take themselves too seriously.

Though sadly we’re now at the end of Maddie’s journey. Having finally reached her goal of landing a job in the institute, everything has gone wrong and Maddie finds herself jobless once more. Only now the entire institute and its director are in danger, and it’s up to Maddie and her stolen collection of magical artifacts to save the day.

Maddie will have to call on all her skills, resources, and contacts to save the institute. So you just know it’s going to be nothing but mayhem!

What I’ll whine about:

Now that we’ve reached the end of the series, I’m saddened that this will mean no more adventures with the Institute, at least for a while! I’m hopeful the author will choose to revisit this world in the future, and I believe she’s thinking of a couple of spinoffs.

My only real gripe with this book is there wasn’t enough screen time with a certain troublesome Fae. I’m hoping Ren will make an appearance in future spinoffs!

What I’ll gush about:

The fourth and final book wraps up the series rather nicely as certain plot lines and characters come full circle. This story is full of the light-hearted humour and banter I’ve come to associate with Isa Medina’s writing, as well as tense action scenes and revelations. The slow burn romance also reaches a satisfying conclusion alongside the end of the series which makes perfect sense for the characters, as well as Maddie’s future goals.

Final Words:

In the gritty and grim world of leather jackets and brooding Fae so common to the urban fantasy genre, this quartet has been a breath of fresh air.

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