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Dragon’s Reach

The Keeper Origins Book 1


J.A. Andrews

I started this book months ago, and I loved the introductory chapter, but when the story proper got under way, it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for. I put the book away and tried later, and once more it didn’t work. Then, a few days ago, over the holidays, I figured third time’s the charm, and went for it.

I normally wouldn’t have, but I’d heard enough good stuff about this book and its author’s other works that I wanted to try again. This time, it worked, and my only regret is that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind earlier. This book really deserves all the praise I’ve seen it given.

It’s a rock-solid piece of fantasy writing.

There’s magic and mystery, deceit and deception, and there are living characters with their own stories, all conspiring to create something both complex and believable.

What I’ll whine about:

There are a lot of loose ends, unanswered questions, and unfinished story arcs. Sure, I know this is the first book in a series of three, but even then, this feels like it’s just an introduction to a much larger story – one which I’m not quite sure I can see how it will pan out.

Will two more books be enough?

What I’ll gush about:

This is actually a little bit tricky. There’s so much that’s great that it’s hard to point to anything specific.

As mentioned above, though, it’s a really solid piece of fantasy. It goes beyond “I’m reading a book and it’s great” and into the land of “I’m having an experience together with people I care about.”

The other thing I want to mention is Sable’s powers. I’ve not come across similar in the past, and they way they grow throughout the story is fascinating to watch.

Final Words

Believe the hype.

If, like me, you don’t get caught up right away, give it some time and try again later.

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