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Welcome back to Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week where we’re interviewing a series of self-published authors! Next is the magical Isa Medina, author of fun urban fantasy and her Magical Artifacts Institute series that we’ve previously reviewed on Uncharted Library. I’m a big fan of Isa Medina’s fast-paced and adventurous artifact-hunting Fae books as they reminded me of The Mummy films!

One: In your author bio, you mention that you play MMORPG’s. What games do you play and have they influenced your writing?

My current main MMO is Final Fantasy XIV, which I absolutely adore. I don’t really play games outside MMOs and a couple of phone games (Time Princess is my current obsession), and I think the biggest influence has been the myriad of different people I’ve met through them. The interactions I’ve had through the communities created around MMOs have definitely influenced the way I look at characters.

Aside from that, FFXIV’s epic storytelling has forced me to look at how I approach my plots, especially in respect to well-earned emotional highs and low moments in my stories.

Two: Why did you decide to self-publish and what has been your biggest success so far?

I’ve been a huge fan of Urban Fantasy for a long time, but unfortunately it’s not a genre that’s really wanted in traditional publishing, so when the idea to write one for myself came up, I immediately decided to try self-publishing. As for success…I’d say finishing the series! There is something really special when you see a project go through the whole way.

Three: You recently finished your Magical Artifacts Institute series of novellas. What has been your favorite part of writing these books?

Just letting my inner imp loose. There is a wonderful freedom in writing something intended to be fun, and then seeing my readers enjoy it so much.

Four: Your Magical Artifacts Institute series is a lot more carefree and adventurous than other urban fantasy books which tend to be more dark and gritty. What inspired you to create a more playful world?

Urban Fantasy has evolved a lot through the years, and there’s now a huge variety of story moods, from the dark and gritty traditionally published books like Dresden cemented to light-hearted fun.

One of my favorite authors is Helen Harper. I adore her Lazy Witch series, which is completely irreverent, and I took a lot of inspiration from it. The format of novellas also lends itself to more fun, fast-paced episodic stories, which fit really well with the type of story I wanted to tell.

Five: You seem to be quite a big urban fantasy fan! Can you recommend a few of your favourite urban fantasy books from indie/self-published authors?

Helen Harper – Am absolutely loving her new books in The Firebrand Series.
Karen Lynch – Relentless series for a more YA flavour, as well as hew new Fae series.
W.R. Gingell – City Between series. All kinds of fun, and set in Australia!
Linsey Hall – Never disappoints if you’re in the mood for something a bit more romantic.

Six: What are you working on next? Can you tease us?

My next series will begin in the Fall! It’ll have a more complicated worldbuilding, and a complete different cast of characters and…creatures ???? No Fae, no vampires, no shifters. I wonder what’s left?

Seven: And a few quick questions:

What’s your favorite…

…book, in recent times?

Good way to get my mind to go blank, haha. I reread a lot, so my favorites change every day depending on my mood!

…game, in recent times?

Final Fantasy XIV (No, it’s NOT cheating!!)

…writing advice?

Write in the mornings before looking at email or social media.

…advice for someone who wants to publish their own book?

Do your research and make a list of all the to-do chores before you publish. Lists make everything feel a lot less overwhelming!

…source of inspiration?

Reading a book or watching a movie and going “but what if…?” about random parts of the story premise/worldbuilding.

…way to clear your mind when everything gets a bit much?

Play games or go to bed early to read a new book. I also do love going out on walks to mull over problems/give my brain a rest.

Eight: Do you have any last words?

Never give up, never surrender!

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